101 Social networking Acronyms and you may Abbreviations (And Whatever they Imply!)

101 Social networking Acronyms and you may Abbreviations (And Whatever they Imply!)

It’s took place to all of us. You are touring during your Facebook or Instagram feed, learning dispatches regarding men your follow, when instantly you find an abbreviation you have never viewed prior to. “What the heck is actually ‘POIDH’?”

Well, it turns out, POIDH stands for “Photos, Or They Did not Happens”-one of dozens of acronyms which have cropped right up because the digital age pushes individuals to embrace brevity-whether it is 140 character otherwise fewer-in their hookup places near me Phoenix trip to communicate.

We’ve got combed the fresh new interwebs for some of the best and more than-utilized acronyms and you can abbreviations around-did you know CNRHKYITF signifies “Chuck Norris Roundhouse Stop You Regarding Deal with”? Random!-and you will culled 101 acronyms and you may abbreviations as you are able to start working into the grams-chats, sms, tweets, Instagram captions, characters, and you may any place else your so focus.

The fundamentals They are categories of acronyms and you can abbreviations you probably select non-stop. Heck, if you have put G-speak, Point, or texting at any point in during the last ten years, none of them should probably increase eyebrows.

BD: Big deal BF: Sweetheart BRB: End up being Back BTW: In addition Girl: Wife HBD: Happy Birthday celebration JK: Only Kidding KK: Cool, Okay (Kewl Kewl) LMK: Let me know Lol: Make fun of Aloud MYOB: Mind your own business NBD: Zero Fuss NVM: Nevermind

Obv otherwise Obvi: Naturally OMG: Oh My Goodness Pls otherwise Plz: Please Q otherwise QQ: Question otherwise Short Concern RLY: Really SRLSY: Seriously TMI: Too much Suggestions TY: Thanks a lot TYVM: Thanks a lot Quite YW: You will be Desired

An excellent option for Every day Explore Away from workplace language to sassy retorts, speaking of high sentences to the office to your everyday chatting, tweeting, messaging life.

FOMO: Fear of Getting left behind FTFY: Repaired That it For you FTW: Towards the Victory FYA or FYE: For the Recreation and for The Activity

GTI: Going right through It HTH: Here to aid or Happy to Let IRL: Inside Real world ICYMI: If you Missed It ICYWW: In the event you Was indeed Thinking NBC: Not one person Cares Though

NTW: To not ever Care OTD: Throughout the day along with pick: OOTD: Clothes During the day; QOTD: Offer of the day; FOTD – Select Throughout the day POIDH: Photographs Otherwise It Didn’t Occurs YOLO: You merely Alive Immediately after ZOMG: Oh My Goodness, however,, such as for example, a lot more emphatic

Viewpoints & Responses We all know 1 / 2 of time on the internet in the invested reacting in order to something, and/otherwise stating your own view. Below are a few of use acronyms and abbreviations and also make work easy.

AFAIK: In so far as i Know DGYF: Dang Lady Your Okay FWIW: For what It is Value IDC: I really don’t Care IDK: I’m not sure

IIRC: Basically Remember Correctly IMHO: Within my Honest Viewpoint IMO: In my opinion Jell or Jellz: Envious JSYK: Only And that means you Understand LMAO: Laughing My personal Butt Away from as well as get a hold of: LMFAO: Laughing My personal F-ing Ass Out-of

NTS: Note in order to Care about ROFL: Running On the floor Laughing ROFLMAO: Going On to the floor Chuckling My Butt Away from SMH: Shaking My personal Head TBH: To be honest TL;DR: Too-long; Didn’t Discover YGTR: You heard that right

Prompt Topics Acronyms and you can abbreviations are only concerned with preserving date, very check out higher of these to use on the move

The newest NAUGHTIES C’mon, half the fun out-of acronyms is able to utilize slutty terminology on line as opposed to overtly offensive some one, proper? Listed here are thirteen treats as you are able to initiate peppering to your tweets that have appreciate.

AYKMWTS: Could you be Joking Me Using this type of Sh-? BAMF: Bad Butt Mom F-emergency room FFS: To own F-is the reason Sake FML: F- Living HYFR: Heck Yeah F-ing Right (Including, as it happens, good Drake song) IDGAF: I do not Promote A good F-

NFW: Zero F-ing Ways PITA: Pain In the Ass POS: Bit of Sh- SOL: Sh- Outta Fortune STFU: Close the brand new F- Up TF: New F- WTF: Precisely what the F-

Preferred To your Societal What the heck is actually an “MT” towards the Myspace? How much does “CC” actually mean? A few of these inquiries and, responded below.

CC: Carbon Copy CX: Correction DM: Head Message Fb: Myspace #FBF: Flash-Straight back Friday #FF: Follow Tuesday HT otherwise H/T: Hat Idea (A means of crediting otherwise attributing one thing you are send so you’re able to somebody else)

IG or Insta: Instagram MT: Altered Tweet OH: Heard PRT: Partial Retweet RT: Retweet Very otherwise S/O: Shout out #TBT: Throw-Right back Thursday

OLDIES However, Goodies These types of acronyms have been around permanently-because the weeks we were the having fun with those America On the web (aka AOL) start-up disks.

BFN: Bye For the moment CU: See you CYL: View you Afterwards // Check You Later on // Connect You Afterwards GTG: Have got to Wade OMW: To my Method Rn: Nowadays TTYL: Keep in touch with You Afterwards TYT: Take your time

AWOL: Away If you are On line BFF: Companion Permanently NSFW: Perhaps not Not harmful to Works OG: Fresh Gangster PSA: Public service Statement PDA: Personal Monitor of Passion

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